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is one of a kind Wine Bar, the first one in the US (and across the globe) to serve New Russian cuisine tapas-style (zakuski).

Food & Wine

We preserve the tradition and flavor of the dishes while giving them a fresh spin.
Some favorites on the menu are pelmeni | пельмени (dumplings), stroganov | бефстроганов (meat stew), salo | сало (cured fatback), khachapuri | хачапури(cheese-y bread), shashlyk | шашлык (skewered meat) etc.
We carefully chose Georgian and European wines to go along with our zakuski.

Ricky and Mariia Dolinsky
Meet the Owners

Ricky Dolinsky and his wife Mariia opened Tzarevna hoping to bring Russian culture and fine cuisine to New Yorkers while defying the stereotypes that everything have to be followed by shot of vodka and chunk of potato etc.

Kitchen is the heart of the restaurant and Ricky is the one to make sure it's beating steadily. The delicious and creative menu is the result of his hard work (and play).

Mariia was born and raised in Russia and knows first-hand the real meaning of russian hospitality. She is the authenticity guide of the restaurant as well as the dessert maker.